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Taste, experience and enjoy!

Fiona de Lange is a zythologist (beer connoisseur) and international beer sommelier with a huge drive and passion for beer.

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Bier Spijs


Beer is a great combination with food!

A good beer & food combination strengthens the flavour of the dish and the beer tastes fantastic. You experience a real flavour explosion. On the Internet, all combinations seems possible. But nothing is further from the truth. For beer lovers, pubs and restaurants, Fiona de Lange gives many different master classes. Visit bierspijs.nl for more information!

Nationale Bierbank

National Beer Bank

Not a wine cellar but a beer cellar

Just like wine, some beers lend themselves well to ageing, making the beer even better than it already was. In the Fort bij Spijkerboor fortress, the National Beer Bank keeps dozens of beers! Not a wine cellar but a beer cellar. Want to know more?


AlleZ PR&Communication

For all PR&Communication-issues

With huge passion and drive, Fiona de Lange successfully manages all PR&Communications, always going the extra mile. For all success stories and more information about the options, visit www.allez.nl

Enjoying Beer

Enjoying Beer

Discover the flavour of beer

Beer is an experience! Enjoying Beer enables you to have that beer experience. Just as we have red and white wine glasses and champagne flutes, we now have glasses for blond, dark and sparkling beer. The ideal glasses for drinking beer at home, in the pub or in the restaurant. For more information, visit www.enjoying-beer.co



Written with passion for beer

Fiona de Lange has written two books:

Bier en spijs (beer&food)
Biersommelier Fiona de Lange and chef-kok Jo Vaessen find eachother in the passion for beer & food.

Ontdek de smaak van bier (Discover the taste of beer)
Discover the taste of beer and you know which beer you like or not and why.

Fiona in the news

Beerexpert of the TV program ‘BinnensteBuiten’

Beerexpert of the TV program ‘BinnensteBuiten’

In the new television program BinnensteBuiten of KRO-NCRV is Fiona de Lange the beerexpert. She takes you to special beer places in The Netherlands.

Beersommelier on RTL7 ‘Op hete Kolen’

Beersommelier on RTL7 ‘Op hete Kolen’

In the new television program 'Op hete kolen' on RTL7, Fiona de Lange gives a delicious beer advise at every BBQ dish of TV & Outdoor chef Jeremy Vermolen.

Radio 538: Opening Nationale Bierbank

Radio 538: Opening Nationale Bierbank

In the morning radio show of Edwin Evers Fiona de Lange talked about the opening of the Nationale Bierbank and beer & food pairing. Listen here

EditieNL: the ultimate diner beer

EditieNL: the ultimate diner beer

In November 2013 Fiona de Lange presented the ultimate diner beer on RTL4 in the program 'EditieNL'.